Expansive 76.29-Acre Agricultural Gem Hidden Deep in the Lush Environs of Russell County, VA! 20 Minutes Away from Downtown Honaker! For Sale

  • $6000 Down

About 11 miles west of Honaker, across the verdant fields and the long roads winding through the green landscape is an untouched 76.29-acre oasis that’s perfect for your dream home or a perfect business venture or both! Tucked in the tree lines of breathtaking Russell County, VA, this lot emphasizes the beauty of nature.

This breathtaking paradise offers the life-giving mountain view of Russell County as it’s situated around rolling hills and fresh air surrounds the entire area. And with a winding road that takes you to the great town of Honaker in just a mere 20 minutes!

Call now for your permanent adventure home!


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Listing Attributes:

Cash Price: $49,977

Owner Finance: $9,000 down, $697/ month for 124 months

Property Details:
Parcel Number: 109R 745A
County: Russell
State: VA
Parcel Size: 76.29 Acres
City: Cleveland
Zip Code: 24225

Elevation: 2742.8 feet
Property Access:

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$6000 Down
Gainsville Rd
Honaker, VA 24260
Lot Size:
76.29 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:
MLS #:
109R 745A

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