Cozy 5.2-Acre Gem in the Stunning Highland County, VA! Now Up for Grabs! For Sale

  • $19,900

Own this 5.2-acre gem of a property in the lush landscape of Highland County, VA! Out in a picturesque landscape, your new lot enjoys the peaceful surroundings and the satisfyingly-soothing vibe that would definitely relieve you of your everyday troubles.

Your new property sits in what is often referred to as “Virginia’s Switzerland”. This land of high mountain valleys, sheep and cattle grazing farms and vast woodlands is known for its pristine scenic beauty and rural charm. It is one of the least populated counties in the east and boasts one of the highest mean elevations of any county east of the Mississippi River. Originally settled by Scotch/Irish highlanders and German immigrants, Highland is now an eclectic mix of native farm families and new residents drawn to the high quality of life.

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Better Land Co Listing Attributes:

Cash Price: $19,900

Owner Finance Terms: $5,900 down, $325/month for 84 months

County, State: Highland County, VA
Acres: 5.2 Acres
GPS Coordinates: 38.505108, -79.509707
GPS Coordinates (Corners): 
38.504309, -79.510808
38.504199, -79.509198
38.504919, -79.509130
38.505212, -79.509257
38.506127, -79.509054
38.506162, -79.509139
38.506120, -79.509302
38.505717, -79.509866
38.505534, -79.509996
38.505470, -79.510064
38.505470, -79.510159

Parcel Number: 16A-3-53
Yearly Taxes: $72
Legal Description: REAL PROPERTY
Elevation: 3175.9 feet

Information and photos are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. No representations as to fitness for a particular purpose have been made. No verbal claims or promises have been made to Buyer. Buyer is not relying on Seller as to the condition of the property. Buyer acknowledges that the Property is acceptable to them in its presently existing condition. Buyer to rely on it’s own due diligence. All sales are final.

Virginia Rd
Monterey, VA 24465
Lot Size:
5.2 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:
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